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APRIL 2012

New album, Host, now available through Room 40.

anthea caddy thembi soddell host

Host presents an edition of tense electroacoustic compositions that define new, dense, and sonically detailed environments that highlight and shadow the interaction between human psyche and the physical world.

Track 01: Dissembling 20'03
Track 02: A Shut In Place 08'23
Track 03: Intimate Geometry 09'57



Anthea and Thembi's latest album, Host, is set for 2012 release on Room 40. More details soon.


MAY 2011

If you are in Paris you can hear a new 5.1 composition by Anthea and Thembi, exhibited as part of the Parisonic Festival, in the Magnetic Traces listening room exhibited at Instants Chavirés from June 15-26.

Track Description: A Shut In Place

The physical environment—be it an empty corridor, a crowded city street, or a vast open space—can affect and distort a person's perceptual state. In turn, a person's existing psychology can alter their perception of that same environment. This creates a dynamic interplay between physical reality, sensory perception, and psychological interpretation. Drawing on this phenomenon, A Shut In Place is an aural exploration of contrasting physical environments used as a vehicle to express psychological experience.

Cello recordings made in surround, within the cavernous environment of a hydroelectric dam wall, create an immersive and unsettling mesh of instrument and environment.
Mixed with abstracted sound samples, and field recordings that span the vastness of the Australian landscape (from the urban fringe, to desert extremes, and the disquieting physicality of a tropical rain-forest), these elements merge to become a representation of space that borders the human psyche and its constructed physical world.

4 minutes, 53 seconds; 5.1 composition


MAY 2010

Anthea has recently made some new recordings in an old soviet oil tank at the MoKs Centre for Art and Practice in the rural Estonian town of Mooste. This recording will be used as source material for the duo's next album, which they are currently working towards with a sight for completetion by the end of this year.

anthea caddy anthea caddy


APRIL 2010

Anthea and Thembi have just had a track Intimate Geometries released on the new CD compilation Magnetic Traces: A survey of French and Australian Sound Art. This compilation was put together by Eric La Casa (France) and Philip Samartzis (Australia) as a catalogue to the exhibition of the same name. This was first shown in Australia in July-August of 2009 and is looking to be shown in France sometime in 2011. The CD is released on Swarming Records. You can hear an mp3 of Intimate Geometries track on the listen page of this website.



Anthea and Thembi have just completed a European tour, under the financial and artistic assistance of Arts Victoria and Punctum Inc. The tour included performances in Wroclaw, Berlin, Dresden, Warsaw, Geneva, Rennes, Marseille, Paris, Valencia, London, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Tallinn, and Tartu. A review of their Paris show can be found here: (in French only).


JULY 2009

Anthea and Thembi will be playing their last duo performance in Australia on the 19th of August at Stutter, before Anthea heads off to Europe again for an extended period of time. So if you're in Melbourne and interested in seeing them live anytime soon, this will be your last chance!!

They are also currently booking shows for a European tour in late-October/November so please get in touch if you are interested in having them perform.


Magnetic Traces is a two-stage listening program curated by Eric La Casa and Philip Samartzis and presented in collaboration with West Space and Project Space/ Spare Room. The program is designed to highlight a diverse range of environmental sound practices emanating from Australia and France including field recording, bioacoustics, acoustic ecology, improvisation, electroacoustic composition and surround sound spatialisation. A surround sound piece by Anthea Caddy and Thembi Soddell will be featuring in the program at West Space.

*Opening celebration Thursday 30 July 5.00-7.00pm*
Friday 31 July to Friday 21 August
Free Artist Floor Talk: Thursday 6 August, 12.00-1.00pm

Friday 31 July to Saturday 15 August
Free Artist Floor Talk: Friday 31 July, 12.30-1.30pm


The duo have now completed their residency in Castlemaine to develop a new live performance work thanks to Punctum Inc's Seedpod Scholarship. The first performance was well received. A review can be found on the Liquid Architecture blog.

They have also received some Arts Victoria funding for a tour in November this year. Please get in contact if you would be interested in organising a performance for the duo during this time.


MAY 2009

Over the next few months the duo will be undertaking a seires of recordings in varying acoustic spaces to use as the basis of a new album.

Spaces already recorded in include the Reverberation Chamber in the Applied Physics Departement of RMIT University (pictured above), and the Hydro-Electric Dam Wall in Bogong, Victoria (pictured below). This album is being recorded under the financial assistance of Arts Victoria.


APRIL 2009

The duo have just completed the first part of a 2 part residency at the ICU in Castlemaine as part of a Seedpod Scholarship from Punctum Inc to develop a new live performance work.

The final work will be premiered at Liquid Architecture 10 in Castlemaine, Melbourne and Cairns.


FEBRUARY 14 2007

Here's a hint of what reviewers have to say about the duos new album ILAND:

"The thirty minutes of "Iland" are highly impressive, in that the fusion of these different kinds of electroacoustic presage cracks our fake tranquillity, dragging us into an uncertain kind of awareness that doesn't admit the presence of danger but at the same time almost expects it with unpronounceable pleasure." Massimo Ricci - Touching Extremes

"The contrast of Soddell's simmering cinematic moods against Caddy's ferociously animalistic cello strikes is nothing short of jarring..." Lawrence English - The Wire


OCTOBER 17 2006

The duos first album ILAND is now available for sale through Australian experimental music label cajid media.


OCTOBER 3 2006

For anyone interested in a preview, the first track from the duo's new album ILAND is now available on the listen page.


OCTOBER 1 2006

The duo's debut release, ILAND, is set for release by Australian label Cajid Media in just two weeks. This is timed to coincide with their first European tour, which kicks off on the 19th of October in Italy, spans across 3 months, and takes them to Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, France and The Netherlands. For more information check out the live page.


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