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"Caddy and Soddell manage to express an otherwise undefinable sense of inner connection with something that resembles the various phases of a nightmare, but one that - one way or another - has an happy ending." Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes

Bringing together the textural and dynamic capabilities of the cello with an extensive palate of sampled and abstracted found sounds, this collaboration between Australian sound artists Anthea Caddy and Thembi Soddell generates a provocative and tense sonic world. Since their collaboration began in 2006, they have been said to be a "formidable duo" (The Wire) that "deliver a strong and convincing product" (Phosphor Magazine). They have been commissioned for a number of multichannel concert presentations and gallery installations (Liquid Architecture, Melbourne 2008; Westspace Gallery, Melbourne 2009; Parisonic Festival, Paris, 2011); toured Europe twice, performing at at venues and festivals such as Instants Chavirés (Paris), Cave 12 (Geneva), Vibra @ OCCC (Valencia), Café Oto (London), La Malterie (Lille), WORM (Rotterdam), Hörkunstfestival (Erlangen), and Biegungen Festival (Berlin); and within Australia regularly participate in major experimental music festivals such as Liquid Architecture and The Now Now. Their work is also profiled in the book Experimental Music: Audio Explorations in Australia, published by UNSW Press in 2008.



Anthea Caddy is a cellist and artist from Melbourne, Australia currently based in Berlin, Germany. Interested in the relationship between recorded sound, spatialisation and instrumental performance, much of Caddy's work focuses on the incorporation of acoustic, electro-acoustic and recorded space within performance and multi-channel installation.

From a scientific anechoic chamber, to a 50 metre deep hydroelectric damn wall in the Snowy Mountains of Australia and an abandoned Soviet oil tank in Mooste, Estonia, Anthea works within these unusual acoustic environments simultaneously activating the space whilst utilising specific microphone placement to mesh both cello and space into a recorded document. In live solo performance she often uses low lighting or complete darkness in either stereo or multi-channel configurations. Alongside her solo work Anthea has collaborated and performed with many artists, most notably with Thembi Soddell (Iland, Cajid Media), Annette Krebs, Philip Samartzis, Magda Mayas, Clare Cooper, Liz Allbee (Bogan Ghost), Clayton Thomas, Eric la Casa, Sean Baxter, Christian Wolff, Werner Dafeldecker, Tony Conrad and Robin Hayward. She is a current member of the Splitter Orchester, Berlin.

Anthea has performed and exhibited extensively in both Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe notably at, Bludenzer Tage (Bludenz, Austria), Liquid Architecture National Festival (Australia), Diapason Gallery (New York, USA), Leipzig Museum of Modern Art (Leipzig, Germany), Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporania (Valencia, Spain), Project Space Gallery (Melbourne, Australia), the Echtzeitmusikfestival (Berlin, Germany), Wroclaw Museum of Contemporary Art (Wroclaw, Poland), Radialsystem V and Tesla Centre of Media Arts, (Berlin, Germany).

She has contributed to numerous works for video installation, dance, live sound design/score for theatre (with Darrin Verhagen and Franc Tetaz), film (Rogue, 2007) and video.


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Thembi Soddell is a sound artist and electroacoustic composer from Melbourne, Australia. Her volatile sonic worlds morph, shift, rupture and dis-rupture into filmic atmospheres with a distinctly disquieting edge. Contorted into unreal environments and luscious masses of sonic textures, her sound palate sources field recordings, instruments and electronics to be suggestive but often unidentifiable. Her compositions exploit the dynamic extremes, toying with the listener's sense of expectation by generating anticipatory suspense. The key element underlying her work is the exploration of psychologically and emotionally intense states.

She creates work for recording, installation, live performance, and concert presentation. Her CV includes the release of three major recording projects on CD (including one collaborative album with Anthea Caddy); works exhibited at the National Gallery of Australia (Online 2004) and the SFMOMA (San Francisco 2002); solo performances at Australian experimental music festivals such as the Totally Huge New Music Festival (Perth 2009), What Is Music? (Melbourne 2004) the Liquid Architecture Festival of Sound Art (Auckland 2006, Sydney 2005, Melbourne 2001); two European tours in duo with Anthea Caddy that included performances at the Hörkunstfestival (Erlangen 2006), Biegungen Festival (Berlin 2009) and Instants Chavirés (Paris 2006).

As well as her solo work and her ongoing duo with cellist, Anthea Caddy, Thembi has performed with experimental musicians such as Jakob Brandt-Pedersen, Dave Brown, Tony Buck, Jim Denley, Anthony Pateras, Camilla Hannan, Jerome Noetinger, Philip Samartzis, Joe Talia, and James Wilkinson. Thembi has a BA in Media Arts (2002) and is a graduate with Honours in Sound Art (2005) from RMIT's Fine Art Department, where she is currently a PhD candidate. She also assists in running the Australian experimental music label, Cajid Media.

"Soddell's work with dynamics is extremely accomplished, alternately forcing close attention and then rewarding it with shocking explosions of activity that bring any absent-minded trains of thought right back into a brutal present. This strategy is analogous to the remembering of a dream, the recombining of dreamed events into a comprehensible sequence. The work suggests all the uncertainty of a nightmare recounted, with all its gaps and discontinuities of narrative. The virtue of this for the listener is that it will keep you on edge throughout." Excerpt from Instance CD review written by Michael Day for the Diffusion newsletter distributed by Sonic Arts Network. It can be viewed in full on Michael Day's Blog.

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