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August 2009

cajid media is supporting the upcoming 'artefact tour' by Australian sound artists Camilla Hannan, Tarab (aka Eamon Sprod) and Thembi Soddell, which will take place in September this year. This is funded by Sound Travellers, and will go to Adelaide, Alice Springs, Darwin, Perth, Melbourne and Bendigo. Click here for more information.

January 2009

Cajid media has just released a new album by young Australian composer, James Rushford. His debut solo CD, Vellus, is a collection of chamber works that obsessively deals with the privacy of ritual, memory and the self. For further information and to purchase via paypal click here. You can also hear some of James' work on his myspace page

November 2008

Cajid Media has a new release up it's sleeve by young Australian composer, James Rushford. His debut solo CD of chamber works, Vellus, is set for release soon. For further information click here, and join the Cajid mailing list for notification of when it is available for purchase. You can also hear some of James' work on his myspace page.

July 2008

The ninth national sound art festival, Liquid Architecture 9, is rolling out in July 2008. artists who have released on cajid feature in the festival - camilla hannan, natasha anderson, thembi soddell, anthea caddy and lawrence english, as well as label founder jacques soddell.

Full details at

March 2007

Anthea Caddy and Thembi Soddell are finally launching their latest album, ILAND for Melbourne audiences! This will be a joint CD launch with fellow Melbourne sound-makers Tim Catlin and Eamon Sprod, who each have new albums out on San Francisco's label 23Five. Sunday April 22nd, 6pm, $5, West Space Gallery 16-19 Anthony Street, Melbourne, Australia.

April 2007

After a string of production hold ups, Phillip Pietruschka's Itinerant Labours is now finally available! A shambolic collection of traveller’s cheques, post-it notes and ticket stubs... Constitutes a disgruntled middle class thesis on the life and times of avant garde music and popular cinema. Features performances by David Brown, Anthea Caddy, Tim Catlin, Will Guthrie, Adam Yee Andrew Barrie, James Cecil, Nat Bates, Arwen Johnson, Sianna Lee, and Antonia Sellbach. Read what Pietruschka has to say about these works here.

October 2006


Natasha Anderson will be launching her new CD 'spore' on sunday the 29th of October in Melbourne at the Empress Hotel, with special guests Pateras/Baxter/Brown. 4pm. $7/5.


This month welcomes 3 new artists to the cajid wall of fame with the release of three new albums - Itinerant Labours by electro-acoustic composer Phillip Pietruschka, Spore by contrabass recorder performer Natasha Anderson, and ILAND, a collaboration between sound artist Thembi Soddell and extended cellist Anthea Caddy. The latter will also be making a tour of Europe from October through to December - click here for further tour details


The latest issue of EI features a label profile on Cajid Media, with reviews of all releases to date. Very nice indeed. Check it out on our reviews page.


For those of you that don't know, Cajid Media is run out of the central Victorian town of Bendigo by Jacques Soddell, who has had a long time dedication to experimental art and music. As part fo the commonwealth games cultural festival he has been busy organising a 2 day event e.scape - 2 nights of experimental film and music festuring local, melbourne and international artists. Full details below:

*Tuesday 21st March 8pm*
Campbell Theatrette (Library, Hargeaves St Bendigo)* Free admission

Local Screen based innovation, plus live music

The films of Paul Fletcher.
Local filmmaker/animator Paul Fletcher presents his amazing animations, including Lake Qualm, which last year won best experimental film at the Darwin film festival, his films for theatre group Punctum, inc, and a live interactive version of his new film, Dreamlake, featuring a live improvised soundtrack.

Megan Beckwith's Bone Idol
local choreographer/animator Megan Beckwith presents her latest creation (for 2 dancers and 3D computer animation), which was enthusiastically received at its premiere last month at Allan's Walk artist run space.

Live Music by Atbash Cipher
local analog/digital electronica group will open the evening with a set of their own, and close with a live improv to Dreamlake (possibly augmented by other musicians).

*Plus *other film delights?*

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*Wednesday 22nd March 8pm*
Campbell Theatrette (Library, Hargeaves St Bendigo). Free admission

A superb line-up of experimental music

Mike Cooper
English guitarist with 40 years music experience, ranging from his early roots in folk and blues to current interests in more experimental sounds (

Robin Fox
Melbourne computer musician will be presenting his enthusiastically received laser show, which premiered in sydney and melbourne earlier this year. Challenging and exciting.

Thembi Soddell and Anthea Caddy
Bringing together the textural and dynamic capabilities of the cello, with an extensive palate of sampled and abstracted found sounds, this new duo, which premiered at the recent NowNow Festival in Sydney, generates a provocative and tense sonic world.

Neon Mars Guitars
improvisations by 4 local guitarists

Jacques Soddell
abstract computer soundscapes

*Plus* more improvistaions to Paul Fletcher's interactive film Dreamlake (Roger Alsop and others)

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With festivities still lingering so are our great deals on CDs, so check out our SPECIALS page for more info. Get in quick because they won't last much longer!

Meanwhile, 3 of our Cajid artists - Camilla Hannan, Lawrence English and Thembi Soddell - are gearing up to play the NOW NOW festival of spontaneous music in Sydney, Australia jan 18-21. So if you're interested in checking these guys out in the flesh come along. Check the NOW NOW website for further details.

Oh, and if you haven't already seen this months WIRE, the 2 latest Cajid releases make a short but sweet appearance in the 'Outer Limits' reviews by Keith Moline. CLICK HERE to check it out.

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With not long to go till Christmas Cajid Media launches it's new spunky gift card range, with it's first 2 designs - one for all occasions and one especially for Christmas. Weird, huh? But experimental musicians have to make money somehow! So to celebrate this we are offering some great deals on our CDs. Click here to check them out.

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Click on the links to check out the first two reviews for Thembi Soddell's Instance and Camilla Hannan's More Songs about Factories from Inpress and Vital Weekly.

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2 new albums have just been released - Camilla Hannan's More Songs About Factories and Thembi Soddell's Instance, the follow up to her debut CD. Both made possible due to funding through the Arts Victoria Music For the Future Program. Check out the Catalogue page for more info on each.

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Left to right: Lawrence English, Camilla Hannan, Bruce Mowson and Thembi Soddell on the sunny beach of Wollongong in what could possibly be the most ridiculous touring photo of all time.

With the assistance of DCITA's Contemporary Music Touring Program, the 4 Cajid artists Lawrence English, Camilla Hannan, Bruce Mowson and Thembi Soddell toured to 9 regional and capital cities around Australia in August/September 2005. These included: Wollongong, Armidale, Sydney, Melbourne, Wagga Wagga, Bendigo, Cairns, Brisbane and Toowoomba. Check out Camilla Hannan's tour diary below:

Tour Diary of Camilla Hannan:

Like all dysfunctional families, Team Cajid quickly settled into their predetermined roles. Nothing like too many hours in each other’s company to cause mental regression. Our fearless cult leader Lawrence took us where others feared to tread. All the while espousing the benefits of the ’straight edge’. It didn’t help. I wanted beer.

Camilla in need of beer

Wollongong was where Bruce came into his own, not just for his blinding set but because he looked good behind the wheel of a Statesman – like someone’s dad from the 70s. It was the first stop and one of the best thanks to the hospitality of Aaron “Chopper” Hull and Julian “Bandwidth” Knowles. A beaut PA, a talented operator and the best breakfast in town.

Camilla keeps the boys under control in Wollongong

Not to be outdone were Steve and Julie in Armidale. The Armidale Club knows how to rock. Roaring fire, footy on the big screen and the most fabulous 70s green lounge chairs. Thembi got big rounds from Nic who rocked on the floor like a cat, moaning in apparent ecstasy, extolling her boyfriend Josh to go home before he fell on Bruce’s equipment in a drunken haze. Lawrence rocked the house with his thumpin sine waves much to appreciative roars for him to ‘play louder!”

In Armidale Nic wishes Lawrence would just "play louder"

The hospitality of Clayton Thomas and Claire Cooper is famous which is why when in Sydney experimental musicians choose to stay at the Casa Grande in Newtown. This was the serious side of the business. Real coffee, organic muffins and decent Chinese food. Thanks to Caleb and William for the gig. Our first without a sub but the team rose to the challenge. Special mention to Peter Blamey for carrying my 25kg ASR10.

By the next leg we were old hands but that didn’t prepare us for the drive from Melb to Wagga Wagga and back. Thembi got free therapy sessions from Lawrence in the back while everyone learnt why it was best to let me have a morning coffee.

On the long trip to Wagga, like all good sound nerds, Bruce animatedly discusses the history of sound art in the front with Lawrence, whilst in the back Camilla dreams only of coffee.

Melbourne was hometown to 3 of the team and fitting that sub into the back of a BMW was something I never imagined - German engineering indeed. It even turned on the rain in case we’d gotten complacent on the road.

The Wagga Space Program showed the novices a good time pulling out a Black Sabbath record. We all shared a room. Thank goodness for earplugs, as Bruce's snoring takes sound art to new heights.

Bendigo – the home of Cajid and we managed to pull a hometown crowd, complete with old boyfriends of Thembi’s. She even managed a groupie. Male groupies are so useful when you have heavy gear.

Cairns opened up a world of tropical delights for the Cajid Team. The Tanks arts Centre is a fantastic structure to perform in. We may have been low on door sales but we made up for it in productivity, recording a live improv from the trio of Hannan, Mowson and Soddell. Huntsmen spiders and scrub turkeys aside, the stay at Jen’s on the edge of the rainforest was truly worth the trip. We fitted into the locale picking up trashy sunnies and managing to bring sound art to a topless bar.

Well we had to compete with 10 tons of fireworks and the Necks playing down the road but Team Cajid at Fabrique Brisbane was a lot of fun. Jim Black the NY drummer was definitely sweet and the post mortem at Cyber city fulfilled gastronomic requirements.

Toowoomba was a great way to finish. The boys at The Office of Arts and Leisure laid it all on, complete with bass rig to satisfy our desire for the low rumble. They even gave us photos of people in KISS gear as mementos. It suited our hard rock attitude.

Bruce Mowson shows that he rocks hard, whilst Lawrence and Camilla at least try

What a great adventure for Team Cajid! Looking forward to the next leg…..

Camilla Hannan
Team Cajid Member

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